Would women want to work here?

Lisen and her team conducts comprehensive assessments of company culture, including how your agency attracts, retains and promotes women.

From hiring systems and review processes to caregiver support programs to leadership development, Lisen reviews what’s working and what’s not. She then compares your company’s programs and policies against industry best
practices, and offers targeted and actionable solutions.

Program Design & Implementation

How do we keep women here?

Lisen works with clients to execute new initiatives, partner to help implement and track efforts, and monitor impact to ensure effectiveness.

From revamping women’s leadership initiatives to developing new parenthood retention strategies to expanding beyond the echo chamber of women-only groups toward more inclusive programming, Lisen is poised to help agencies keep and develop their best talent.


How do we enable women and men to thrive?

Lisen and her team trains employees, managers, and C-level executives on strategies to cultivate more diverse, inclusive organizations through a variety of workshop options.


In order to protect our clients privacy, we do not reveal their names. We have partnered with global advertising agencies, software companies, health insurance firms, tech start-ups, and others.

More details available upon request.